About Us

We are International Soccer Services (ISS), a professional youth soccer club located in Waltham, Massachusetts.


We believe that International Soccer Services provides:

  • A holistic approach to developing the player's technical, tactical, physical and psychological needs.

  • Community connections bringing together players from the Metro Boston Area

  • A system encompassing level appropriate training and games designed to expose players to ever increasing challenges within the sport.

  • An academy training atmosphere. ISS members will be scheduled to train together with different programs to develop loyalty and familiarity.

  • A committed staff to help players understand their role in helping to improve the level of play both as an individual and within a group. A staff that is interested in the success of every team and player within the Club.

  • A professional approach that involves coaches who not only have extensive experience and qualifications, but also possess a vested interest in developing players, teams and clubs beyond a single team unit.

Mission Statement

The mission of International Soccer Services is to:

  • Introduce the game of soccer to youth of all ages and skill levels with the purpose of providing the opportunity for each player to develop to their highest potential.

  • Provide players with skilled, professional coaches who develop not only the techniques needed to be an exceptional player, but also the skills needed to be a strong, confident leader.

  • Identify players with outstanding potential and place them in a learning environment designed to encourage personal development.

  • Raise the level of each individual, from average to good and from good to exceptional, based upon the technical, tactical, physical and psychological fundamentals of the game.

  • Foster an academy training atmosphere in which the good of the whole group is valued as well as the needs of the individual.

  • Educate our teams by passing along our knowledge and life lessons so they can learn from them.

  • Constantly reassess our programs to enable participants to develop an attitude of higher achievement and sportsmanship that will carry over into the areas of education, citizenship, community responsibility, physical and mental fitness.